The Humidor staff believes in not only delivery a quality product, but to also provide help with our customers accessories and tobacco products.  Novice Smokers to Aficionados will run into problems from time to time with their Humidors, Pipes, Lighters, and general maintenance of their collections.  We at The Humidor want to help you enjoy your collections without having to worry about your items breaking or not working as you would expect.  Please feel free to ask our staff how we can help you!

Humidor Service

Are you having a hard time maintaining humidity? Mold Problems? Cigars falling apart?  Let us take a look at it and find a solution for you!

Humidor Seasoning

So you just got a new humidor, congratulations!  Welcome to cigar collecting, or growing your cigar collection!  Let us help you start it off on the right foot with a properly seasoned humidor!  Bring it in and we will do a full service and prep to season your humidor for you.

Hygrometer Calibration

Your Hygrometer is the heart monitor of your humidor, from time to time you must check it for accuracy or you could lose hundreds of dollars in your cigar collection.  If you are concerned about the well being of your cigars, and not sure if you Hygrometer is accurate bring it in, we will either tell you how off it is, or calibrate it to meet your needs.

Butane Lighter Maintenance

Your lighter one of the most important tools when you want to enjoy a nice smoke.  With being as important as it is, sometimes you need to give it a little break and let someone fine tune it for you.  Let us be your Lighter’s Spa, it deserves it!

Pipe Refurbishment

Do you have a favorite pipe that is looking a little dull?  Did your parent or grandparent have a pipe that you now have?  We will clean it up, and repair the pipe to like new!